Homework Policy

Once again the school has ordered all of the third, fourth and fifth grade
classes a Weekly Organizer. I am very excited about this because it is such
a wonderful way to stay organized. Each day I will write that evening's
homework assignment on a white board at the front of our class. Each of
your children will be asked to copy it under the correct category in their
Weekly Organizer, ie. math, reading, etc. Please take just a moment each
night to sign your child's Weekly Organizer so that you can be well aware of
what he/she must complete. This is also a great means of communication to
discuss with your child what he/she learned in school that day. Homework is
checked daily and Homework Contracts are given to those children who fail to
return their homework on the day it is due. The reason for a Homework
Contract is to make the parents aware that their child is not returning
his/her homework assignments. These MUST also be signed by a parent or
guardian the night that they are brought home. The child must also pick
from the "Cup O' Consequences" which includes various consequences such as
writing classroom rules, losing the right to shop at school store or
losing a "Pete Buck", etc. There is also a "Weekly Cup O' Consequences" which
holds more serious consequences such as: lose recess for two days, lose a
special, or receive a weekend writing assignment, etc. The reason these
consequences are more serious is because the children would have been given a
full week to complete a more extensive assignment (such as their Practice
Book pages for reading or weekly spelling definitions) and STILL failed to
turn in their homework on time. The children know that it is their
responsibility to finish their homework each night along with any other work
that has not been completed during the school day. At the same point, those
children who do complete their homework get to play Homeworkopoly for a
chance to win "Pete Bucks", Before School Work Passes, Chance Tickets,
Homework Passes and various other fun rewards. Only the children who
complete their homework get to play!

*Please remember that homework is NOT busy work. Homework is a
reinforcement of the lesson your child learned that day and a means for me
to judge whether or not there is a need to reteach the lesson at hand.
Please make sure your child has a quiet place to complete his/her homework
each night. Also, keep in mind that your children have been working hard
all day and sometimes a little break after school is a great way to refresh
their minds.
*PlEASE NOTE - After 3 missing homework assignments, an after school
detention form will be sent home to be served at a time that is convenient
for both teacher and parents alike.


Along with their homework they will also be asked to check our Chihuahua's
Missing Work Chart which is also in bold view in our classroom. This chart
lists all late or missing work from that particular week. If your child is
missing any work, he/she will be asked to copy the assignment onto a
Chihuahua Reminder Slip which should be completed as soon as possible. This
reminder slip will then be stapled to the missing assignment which can be
found in the "Extra" bins in our room, which are categorized by subject.
The latest possible due date for that paper will be listed on the Chihuahua
Reminder Slip. Please know that ALL work from that week should be passed in
on time, BUT if it is turned in late it absolutely will not be accepted
after the following Monday. In my opinion this is an extremely fair amount
of additional time to complete the assignment. Any assigment turned in
after the date on the reminder slip WILL receive a zero. Please make note
that ALL late work will be reflected in your child's grade. Thank you in
advance for your help and cooperation! :)