Supply List

Certain items are essential for my third grade class.  Having these  supplies will aid your child in having an organized and successful  school day.  They should be prepared with these items daily.  The  quicker your child gets these items the more organized they will be  which will in turn create success.  The items are as follows... 

13 Ring Binder
8pocket folders
81-subject notebooks *please try to match color of folder & notebook for each subject. Ex. Math - red folder, red notebook English - blue folder, blue notebook, etc.
1black and white composition notebook
2highligthers (any color)
2dry erase markers *these are specially made for white boards
1clean sock *to be used as eraser for white board
1small dry erase board (can be found at Walmart or Staples)
4tennis balls (to be used for the bottom of the chairs in our room) *If you choose to donate more, we would gladly accept them
1box of tissues (for classroom use)
1roll of paper towels (for classroom use)