$Pete Bucks$

As we all know, positive and good behavior translates to an effective and
productive school day.  Because of this, we have reward incentives in Room
17.  Hanging in our classroom is a traffic light.  Each light represents
something...green = safe, yellow = warning & red = danger.  Each day every
child in the class begins the day with their clothespin in the "Safe" section
of the traffic light.  If they have to be spoken to, they are then asked to
move their clothespin down to the "Warning" section of the traffic light.  If
the behavior continues and they must be spoken to a second time, they are
asked to move their clothespin down once more to the "Danger" section.  The
third time they are spoken to, they are to clip their clothespin onto
the "To: From:" bucket on the window sill.  At that point they have earned a
To: From:  *Below you will find a description of a To: From:  The child will
be asked to stay in during recess the next day to complete the To: From:
ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE...those children who are not spoken to during the
day, leave their clothespin where it is and receive a Pete Buck for their
excellent behavior.  Pete Bucks can be used to purchase school supplies etc.
in our classroom store which I open weekly or bi-weekly.  Pete Bucks are
also given for various other reasons such as: acts of kindness, giving a
helping hand without be asked, having their Weekly Organizer signed daily,
etc.  These Pete Bucks are a great incentive, so good that I even use them
at home with my own two children.  Happy shopping third graders!

*To: From:
A To: From: is a discipline paper in which they write about the negative
behavior(s) that occured that day.  All To: From: papers MUST be returned the
next day with a parent/guardian's signature. 
*Your cooperation in this matter is much apprciated.  Let's let the children
know that we are working together on the same team to  make them the best
they can be!