Weekly Homework Schedule

one day a week Write and Share on assigned day of the week 

Monday: Reading at home(minimum 20 minutes)

Weekly Report due today!

Tuesday: Reading at home(minimum 20 minutes)

WednesdayReading(minimum  20 minutes).

Thursday: Reading (minimum 20 minutes).

Friday: Reading(minimum 20 minutes)Reading at Home form due today!

The primary focus of homework in my class is reading. Additionally they should practice spelling and reading their weekly spelling words, practice math facts with their flash cards, practice reciting the weekly memory verse. You may choose which day or days will be best.

I encourage you to ask your child to tell you about the stories they read. This will help develop their comprehension skills.

Your child may have additional homework as needed to complete unfinished classwork or to further practice fundamental skills. This work needs to be completed and returned the following day.




Book bags must be turned in on every day!

WEEKLY REPORT get signed and put back for Monday!

**Parents, please discuss any behavior concerns with your child.


Reading at home form must also be signed and returned on Friday



All graded work and completed reading at home forms will be sent home in the finished work side (right side of the folder) and should be taken out and kept at home. Please be sure to always check your child's folder and remove all the papers from the finished work side each day.

The following are ideas of things you can do with your child to help them have a successful first grade year.

Spelling words:Each week there will be 10 spelling words. Review them with your child- orally, written , or in a game. When the list comes home on Monday, see how many he/she knows. If none-learn 2 words. Each day add two more words.There will also be a list of high frequency words. They should practice reading and recognizing these words. If they have mastered the spelling words they should practice spelling the high frequency words. Spelling tests are taken every Friday.

Memory work: Each week there will be a Bible verse for your child to memorize. We will discuss the verse in class, but it should be practiced at home. Make it a part of your routine. Recite it on the way to school, or at supper, or at bedtime. Memory tests are on Fridays. At the beginning of the year they will recite them to me. Beginning with the second trimester they will change to a fill in blanks format.

Math facts: In first grade we will begin memorizing addition and subtraction math facts. The goal is for each child to know their facts (without using their fingers). I will send home the addition flashcards that were purchased as class supplies. It will be beneficial to spend a little time practicing with the flashcards at home. Go slowly and be aware of your child's attention span/frustration level. At first see if your child knows any of the facts. Start with a few cards and a 2 or 3 new cards each day or so until the set is done. Then work on speed.

Reading:Your child needs to practice reading a minimum of 15 minutes every night. Practice is the only way to improve reading speed and accuracy. Ask your child questions after to reading to stimulate their comprehension skills. Beginning in October, we will participate in the Pizza Hut Book-It program. Each month each child will receive a monthly reading log with a goal of how many minutes should be read. If the goal is met, he/she receives a coupon for a free personal pizza. The monthly reading chart is a part of your child's reading grade so be sure to fill in the time and return it to school even if the goal is not met.

Handwriting: Encourage your child to write neatly all the time. With practice their writing speed will improve. You can help them develop fine motor skills by providing dot to dot activities, word searches or any activity that requires careful writing skills. We use a modern manuscript style of printing. This style allows a smooth transition into cursive. I will send home a copy of this alphabet style for you to keep handy for reference at home.

Class work: If your child does not use work time wisely for completing work required, I will send it home for homework. The work is due the following day. (Full credit may not be given.)