Wish List

With the school being on a very tight budget, there are a lot of things they cannot supply. With so many students, supplies and equipment do not last very long. We are in need of many materials for basic classroom efficiency and comfort, as well as special activities.

If you can donate any of the following, it would be greatly appreciated. Additional donation requests for projects & necessities throughout the year will generally be posted on our announcement page, or I will ask individuals who let me know that they’d like to help. Thank You!

** Volunteers to Xerox on a regular basis


Paper Towels

Double-Stick Tape

Individually wrapped snacks for our snack box

Rubber Playground Ball/Soccer Ball

Inexpensive items for our Treasure Chest

Gift Cards/donations for the following stores:


  Walgreens (photo developing)



  Sam's Club/Walmart

  Smart & Final


Thank You so much for your support!!