Wordly Wise Spelling (R. Jackson, J. Partee, C. Williams, and S. Oliver)

Week of November Dec 12-16 (Test Dec 16)

Lesson 14 in WW Workbook

Alternative Spelling (all other students)

Week of Dec 12 (Test Dec 16)

1. weighs - v. to measure the weight of by using a scale; 2.to think about carefully before making a decision. 3 to have a particular amount of weight.

2. ceiling - n. the top inside surface of a room; an upper limit

3. reindeer - n. any of a genus -Rangifer- of large deer; including the caribou; with branching antlers in both sexes; found in northern regions; it is domesticated as a beast of burden and as a source of milk; meat; and leather

4. freight - n. the goods or cargo carried by a large vehicle; the amount paid for the transportation of goods -as shipping charge-

5. eighteen - adj. totaling eight more than ten; n. the cardinal number between seventeen and nineteen

6. neighbor - n. 1 a person who lives close to someone else; 2 a fellow human. v. to border on; live near to.

7. receive - v. to take or get something that is given or paid or sent

8. weird - adj. 1 strange or odd; puzzlingly unusual; 2 mysterious or strange or eerie or ghostly.

9. chief - n. the most powerful or important person in a group; leader. adj. 1.having the highest position; 2.most important; main.

10. seize - v. to take hold of suddenly or with force

11. either - adj. one or the other

12. fierce - adj. marked by extreme and violent energy; marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions

13. relief - n. the feeling of being freed from pain distress or worry; help given to those in need; a person or persons taking over the work of others for a time.

14. windshield - n. transparent screen as of glass to protect occupants of a vehicle

15. pierce - v. 1 make a hole into; 2 cut or make a way through; 3 move or affect deeply or sharply

16. thief - n. a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it

17. achieve - v. to obtain - as a goal - through effort ; to carry through - as a process - to completion

18. eighth - adj. coming next after the seventh in a series; n. any of the eight equal parts of something