Mrs Riggs Classroom Website

About Mrs. Riggs: 

Mrs. Riggs graduated from Florida Christian College in 2007 with a Bachelors in Counseling. She then found her place in the world as a teacher at the Imagine School at North Port in the 2011-2012 school year, while working as a long term substitute for Mrs. Seed-Nelson. Upon realizing this, she quickly became a certified teacher in grades Kingergarten through  6th. Mrs. Riggs contributes much of her knowledge and growth as a teacher to Mrs. Therrien, her wall-mate and veteran teacher whose mere presence and conversation taught the newly certified Mrs. Riggs exactly how to be a good teacher. She also contributes this growth to her amazing 6th grade team who offered nothing but support, encouragement and wisdom.

On a personal note, Mrs. Riggs has been married to James Riggs, a youth pastor for 6 years and is actively involved in his ministry. She lives in North Port with her husband, dogs- Dazey and Blu, and cat- Yeti. She enjoys playing volleyball, watching basketball, and going to inspirational conferences and concerts. 


About Mrs. Riggs' Class:

Mrs. Riggs is currently teaching 6th Grade Social Studies, specifically Geography and Ancient Civilizations. Student's odyssey in Social Studies will be an exciting journey. We will begin the year honing our map skills and learning how to work with geography. We will then travel to Mesopotamia, the birthplace of civilization and study the many empires that claimed that land. We later will travel down the Nile to Ancient Egypt where we will learn about the similarities and differences between our lives and the daily life, government/leadership, and religion of the Egyptians. We then will travel the Mediterranean to Greece and study the development of democracy, where our own American government itself finds it roots. Next we will follow the road that leads to Rome, who will further develop our ideas of government with the Roman Republic. We will also study its expansion into the Roman Empire, why that Empire eventually fell, and study the spread of Christianity under their power. In the fourth quarter, we will study the ancient African Kingdoms of Kush and Aksum, the Hindu religion and customs of Ancient India, the origin and spread of Buddhism, and the various teachings and secluded empires of China.