Policies and Supplies

The Rule

I have only one basic rule. Respect yourself and others! Every policy and procedure are in place because of respect. For example, if you are on your phone during class, that is disrespectful to me. We all have the right to enter this classroom and expect to be treated with respect. No insults will be tolerated. The world is often not a kind place, but we can control the atmosphere in this classroom. You are responsible for your own behavior, and if you follow The Rule, you will not have any discipline issues in my class.


Policies and Procedures

Academic Dishonesty: Unless I specify that an assignment is a group project, I expect you to work on your assignments alone and turn in work that is unique. Your answers on a worksheet should not be phrased like anyone else’s. If you turn in an essay that is not properly cited or was copied all or in part from the Internet or another student, that is plagiarism. I reserve the right to randomly or intentionally check your internet history at any time. If you have deleted your internet history for my class on a day you took an online quiz, I and the MHS administrators will assume you were cheating. There is no reason to delete your internet history unless you are hiding something, and if you are not engaging in dishonest behavior, you should not have anything to hide. Any of these instances of academic dishonesty will result in a zero on the assignment (no matter if it is worth 10 points or 100 points) and a Conduct Referral.


Tardies: When you show up tardy to class, you are breaking The Rule. Be on time. If you are not, after three warnings, you will be assigned an after school detention.


Cell Phones/ Ear phones: These are not permitted to be used during class unless I have directed you to do so. You will be assigned a number at the beginning of the year, and that number will coincide with a spot on the cell phone holder (and a Chromebook). You will place your cell phone in the holder EVERY DAY. This way your phone will not be a distraction to you as we are working.


Homework: I understand that you are very busy people. Many of you work or are involved in after-school activities. Therefore, I try very hard to give you class time to work on most assignments. For longer assignments, you will have more than one day to complete the assignment so you can budget your time accordingly. I do not accept late work unless it is worth 50 or more points; if it is, I will accept it ONE DAY LATE for ½ credit.


Absences: If you are absent and it is excused, it is YOUR job to get your make up work from me in a timely fashion. I have 100+ students; you have only seven teachers. If you notice weeks later that you are missing a grade in the gradebook, it is too late at that point to make it up. Please be responsible in this area. If your absence is unexcused, you will not be allowed to make up any missed work. Please visit my website to see what you have missed while you were gone before asking me for your make-up work. (MrsRine.EducatorPages.com)


Food/Drink: No food or drink is permitted in this class. You will have to throw away any food or drink you bring in the room, unless it is chocolate, in which case, I reserve the right to keep it and enjoy it myself.


Supplies: Bring to class every day-

  • Blue or black pens or pencils (no colored ink), and at least one highlighter

  • 3-ring binder with 3 section dividers and loose-leaf paper

  • 3 hole-punched durable folders to go in your binder