About Mrs. Rivera

Mrs. Rivera has lived in the community for 12 years. She lives  on 11 acres with her husband, Dave, her daughters Amanda and Laura, their cat, Lucy and their dog Coffee. 

Dave is a computer guy for Washtenaw County in Ann Arbor. Both daughters are in college but only one still lives at home.  So Mrs. Rivera has plenty of time to do the things she loves, like gardening, walking, biking, traveling, trying out new recipes in the kitchen and (did you really think I wasn't going to say it?) reading,(mysteries and magazines of all types).

Mrs. Rivera has been teaching for over 11 years.  She started out teaching 4th grade.  This is her fourth year teaching third grade, her favorite. Mrs. Rivera became a teacher after her girls were born and she realized how much she enjoyed children. Her favorite subject to teach is math. She believes children should be thinking and moving in order to learn best. All children can learn but at their own pace. 

Mrs. Rivera especially enjoys teaching with Mrs. Larson. Planning and teaching interesting lessons together has provided benefits for all.  Children have the benefit of hearing points of view from 2 different teachers and from twice as many children as what they would know from just their own class. Teaming has allowed students to experience interesting lessons and experiences that benefit everyone, socially and academically. Thank you to Mrs. Larson for all your encouragement and terrific activities. Our class appreciates you being in our lives!