About Me

Welcome To Elementary Band!

My name is Mrs. Renee Rojanaroj and I LOVE music!  I have loved it since I was born.  I bet you can say the same thing which is probably why you are signing up for band.  Am I right?

Teaching is another passion of mine and I have been working with students for a long time.  I have been with CNUSD for 18 years...but have been working with students since I was 12 years old!  I used to teach preschool music when I was in Jr. High. and knew then that I would make a career of it.  So, I went to college and earned a Music Degree and a Masters in Education and here we are!


 There is nothing more rewarding than to see a student learn to play music and I can't wait to start working with YOU!   


Although I play all of the instruments we use in band class, voice is my first instrument and first love.  I started singing the age of TWO and have never stopped.  In fact, I have my own professional band and I sing all styles of music from 1920's Gatsby to current pop...I even sing MEMES!  

Would you like to hear me sing with my band ?  Here's my website-check it out!  Click on the "Videos" menu.

Renee Rojanaro & After Dark


Growing up in my house meant someone was always making music somewhere.  My parents were very involved with the music in our church and super supportive of any effort I made.  I can never thank them enough for their encouragement!  They took me to lessons, bought instruments for me, and inspired me to do my best.  Thank you mom and dad for always supporting me in my musical endeavors!

I have had many wonderful opportunities to share my music with people.  I have sung on the radio, tv, stage musicals, and have some of my original music on itunes and amazon music.  My current project is my very own Country Album which I am writing.  ONE of my songs is called First Mother, Forever Friend that I wrote for my mom on Mother's Day.  I filmed a music video of it...and you can see my mom in the last scene of the video.  She is the sweetest person and has always been so supportive of my desire to learn music.   Have a look:

First Mother, Forever Friend


To My Future Rock Stars,

If you love music, you are doing the right thing by learning to play an instrument.  It can open up so many doors for you in the future.  I am thrilled to be your teacher and am committed to help you accompish all that you can.  Stick with it, practice hard, and enjoy every moment!

Musically Yours,

Mrs. Rojanaroj