Music Activities

Here Are Some FUN Activities For You To Enjoy!


#1  This is a super fun listening and thinking activity!


  • Grab some paper and a pencil.
  • Click on "Music In Movies" and follow the instructions.  
  • Music In Movies  (The 1st 30 seconds are silent so you can see what a movie would be like without music)
  • Check out this additional example from "Pirates of the Caribbean".  Notice how the different styles of music change the mood of the scene.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean

#2   Perform a concert for someone!

  • The concert needs to be at least 2 songs (but could be as many as you like)
  • You can play an instrument or SING!
  • You can perform for a family member in your home, a friend over the phone, a pet, or even a stuffed animal!
  • Once you've completed your performance, clike on the link below to rate your performance
  • Rate Your Performance!

#3  Test your skills on identifying instruments and their families.

  • Click on the link below and see how many instruments you can identify
  • If you are able to print the pages, color them in!
  • Get permission from a parent to search for samples of each of the instruments
  • Use google to look up the instruments if you need help
  • Identify The Instruments

#4  How Good Is Your Musical Knowledge?

#5  Create your own band!  Imagine you are the leader of your own band.  What style do you play?  Are you famous?  Click the link below to create your OWN BAND and be CREATIVE!


#6  Covid-19 Time Capsule!  Click the link below for instructions on how to make a time capsule of this time that we have at home during this virus outbreak.  This will be a part of our history forever...this is a way you can remember what it was like to live through this time.


I hope you enjoy the activities! 

I would love to hear from you.  Email me and let me know how you did and which activities were your favorites.  You can also email me just to say, "Hello"!

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