Mrs. Roscoe's Fourth Grade Class 2012-2013

Welcome to Fourth Grade!  We have an awesome class this year!  We are working hard to build stamina in reading and writing every day through the Daily 5 Approach to Language Arts.  This year RIGOR is the key word for math.  It's not the same old skill and drill anymore.  Students will be working toward developing number sense and solving word problems through mathematical reasoning.  Studying addition and multiplication flashcards every night will help students tremendously.  Virginia Studies will cover many topics from the First Americans to present day with an emphasis in  geography, government, history, and economics.  Students should bring their Virginia Studies folders home often to review and share what they've learned.  Science is not an SOL test in 4th grade. However, what we learn this year will be on the 5th grade Science SOL test.  We will be conducting experiments and learning about a variety of topics including Ecosystems, Weather, the Solar System, Plants, Electricity, and so much more!  We have a big year ahead of us but I know this class is up for the challenge!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

                                                                                                                                                      Mrs. Roscoe


Tuesday Folders - Folders go home every Tuesday.  The folder will contain graded papers (which you may keep) and other information going out from Acquinton.  There is a paper stapled in the folder that has a weekly update on how your child is doing.  Stickers indicate that it has been a great weak or that the student is making good progress.  There is also a place where I will make comments or indicate any missing assignments.  Please read this carefully and initial in the parent signature column.

Agendas - Agendas will go home nightly.  This is where students will write down their homework assignments each day.  I will initial the agenda each day and ask that you do the same at home.  This is a wonderful way for you to communicate with me if you have any questions or concerns.  Just write a note in the agenda and remind your child to show it to me when they arrive at school. 

Lunch:  11:55-12:25

Recess:  2:15-2:35 

Resource Schedule

Monday - Computers

Tuesday - Music (remember to bring recorders and binders)

Wednesday - P.E.

Thursday - Art

Friday - Library (remember to bring back borrowed books)

Homework - Students will have no more than 50 minutes of homework each night except Friday.  Homework will typically consist of Word Study, 20 minutes of reading, and a math assignment.  At times students will have projects or papers that will require work at home or over the weekends.  Homework is checked daily.

Word Study - Students are in word study groups according to the word patterns they already know and need to learn.  We have 5 different groups this year so all students will not have the same words.  Students will be given their words each Monday.  They have a contract in the front of their Word Study notebooks that provides choices for homework assignments each night.  All work should be included in the notebook and will be checked daily. Students will also spend time in class "working  with words". 

Helpful Links      Type asears for Guest Name  Great videos about VA Studies!