Differentiation and Assessment

5 Assessment Differentiation Stratagies 

1iReady provides diagnostic and assessments for reading and mathematics that pinpoints student needs down to the sub-skill level. I use this diagnositc every quarter and allow students to work towards individual goals as necessary. 

2. Create and Design a Poster - Students demonstrate what they've learned through their own diverse skillsets

3. Our class also uses Google Classroom, and there are lots of ways I use this this to simplify differentiation. 

       A. Differentiate Assignments in Google Classroom - GC allows me to assign specific assignments to specific students! 

       B. Student Choice: This is a great way to differentiate and allow my students to take a flexible learning path. To do this in Google Classroom I create an assignment with multiple Google files wehre each student gets their own copy, and chooses their own learning goal.'

4. I use a Quick Skill Assessment a few times a week to assess students textbook assignments. I simply assign a few problems to compelte and have them bring their work to me when they're finished. Then I can read over it and write their name in the appropriate scaled column. Next I send them to the appropriate enrichment or follow-up activity. 

5. McGraw Hill - Working with McGrawhill Math website allows me to assign tests and assignments to individual students or groups, this is excellent because we can all be working on the same standard, yet at differentiated levels in our math. 

5 Lesson Differentiation Stratagies

1. My Math Curriculum with McGraw Hill  also provides great resources that I can incorporate throughout the year for me ELL, Spanish speakers! Inlcuding worksheets, videos, spanish textbook, and more!

2. During lessons I have students use highlighters to highlight vocabulary words, addition topics I want them to learn, or answers we are searching for.

3. Small Group Instruction - Throughout guided practice portions of lessons, I will hand out sticky notes for students I see still need extra time with me to learn the subject and immediately pull them back for Small group Instruction

4. Guided Reading Groups - Dailly I pull leveled reading groups to read with me, I monitor reading progress and work on the skills each group needs most. See me in Action Here: Small Group

5. Whiteboards- during mini-lessons I have students write down formulas, guesses, vocabulary, or helpful tools on their whiteboards as they follow along.