Multiple Disciplinary Team


Principal: Mr. Barella

Vice Principal: Mrs. Mabry


As your teacher this year, I will:

Advocate for my students

Keep you Safe

Support Students and Parents


Our school works well together to make sure everyone is safe, responsible and ready to learn. Students who need extra help in these areas are typically getting into trouble first within the classrooms on our campus. This overall problem area means that our teachers as a whole are going to work harder next year to create a safe and engaging atmosphere within the class to stop problems before they arise. This also means teachers will work harder next year to get parents involved. I do my best to involve parents through Class Dojo and also make frequent phone calls home to update parents on how students are doing, whether that is good or bad behavior. Another way I provide support to my students and parents is by providing an open line of communication, where they know they can come and speak to me about anything that is going on. 

When students are not behaving safely I then get my support staff involved, typically this is my Vice Principal. She is in charge of most of the discipline at the school and works hard with our teachers to create a discipline plan that works and works quickly. Referals and suspensions are not recommended or offered often on our campus, most of the time we will use campus restoration as a punishment for students who need extra help remembering the rules. 

Together our teams make a safe and beautiful place for our students to learn and grow.