Developing as a Professional Educator

Looking back at my first year teaching and my first experience with BTSA I remember being TERRIFIED. I was terrified that I would fail. I was terrified that I would let down my principal, my students, and myself. 

Then, I took a deep breathe, listened to my mentor and I TAUGHT. This is why I teach....

My professional goal for myself is to always remember that my kids come first. I want to strive to keep a smile on my students face and keep them engaged in learning. I want my students to be excited to come to school. I will make sure to always greet them at the door with a smile and a hello. I will be there to listen to them when they've had a bad day or just need to talk. I will make sure to address EVERY student in my class and build a relationship with each of them. I want my students always know that they are important and I BELIEVE IN THEM!!!

I will continue to keep a positive outlook on teaching by staying involved in the school and community through after school functions and events. I believe that by keeping a close relationship with your students and parents I will be able to see how my role as their teacher makes an impact on their lives. Parents and students from my 3rd grade class still come to visit me and remind me how much they enjoyed my class and I feel blessed to have made such an impact. I hope that I will continue to make that same impact throughout my career.

  • “Nicole is creative, compassionate, preserving and full of love for her students. It has been an honor to mentor her and watched her bloom. She brings so much to her classroom and is always full of great ideas that inspire her little teamsters. She loves to implement new ideas and work outside of the box. If it works for kids, it works for Nicole. In spite of such trying personal events in her life this year, she continued to step up to the plate, and stand in the gap for her family and her students. She has become very near and dear to my heart.  I consider it a joyful blessing to work with her. I am happy to call her my colleague and friend.”-Trudi Nevins

My advice for new teachers...TAKE A DEEP BREATHE and believe in yourself! You become a teacher for a reason. Do not forget that reason or start to second guess yourself. No amount of schooling was ever going to prepare you for your first year teaching. You are doing great. You will be an amazing teacher. Let your students teach you on how to become the PERFECT TEACHER :)