* AP ~ Unit 0    (Physics Skills)

Unit 0 ~ Physics Skills

Learning Objectives ~ (2.5 wks)

After studying this unit, the students will be able to:


  • Describe the three basic quantities in physics and their units
  • Calculate & convert quantities from one set of units to another and solve using dimensional analysis
  • Use the most common metric prefixes
  • Identify and recognize these types of graphs: straight-line (direct variation), hyperbola (inverse variation), and half-parabolas (square variation)http://honorsphysics.homestead.com/tp.gif
  • Justify & write mathematical descriptions of the relationships described by graphs 
  • Analyze graphical trends and use linearization techniques
  • Solve problems with a reasonable amount of precision, given the measurements providedhttp://honorsphysics.homestead.com/tp.gifhttp://honorsphysics.homestead.com/tp.gifhttp://honorsphysics.homestead.com/tp.gifhttp://honorsphysics.homestead.com/tp.gifhttp://honorsphysics.homestead.com/tp.gifhttp://honorsphysics.homestead.com/tp.gifand the rules of significant figures
  • Use scientific notation appropriately
  • Calculate using the basic trigonometric functions (SOH CAH TOA)
  • Apply an effective problem solving strategy


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