class policies

Class Procedures


Each assignment will fall under a major Category. It is important to note 
that this means that not all assignments will carry the same impact on a 
student’s overall grade. When using Power School at home to view grades, the 
overall grade that you see will not be a simple average of all the grades 


Tests are team-generated and are assigned weeks ahead of time. Often 
tests will cover one long chapter or a combination of shorter chapters. 
There are multiple choice / gridded response and free response questions 
on every test.

The Multiple Choice / Gridded Response Portion of the Test will count 
for 50% of the test grade. Usually there are 20-30 questions per test. 
Partial credit is not given.

The Free Response Portion of a Test will count for 50% of the test 
grade. Usually there are 5-8 free response questions per test and 
partial credit is given on the free response questions. The four points 
are distributed as follows:

     •  1 point ~ Givens & Unknown
     •  1 point ~ Correct Equation & Mathematical Calculation
     •  1 point ~ Correct Answer
     •  1 point ~ Correct Unit

Tests, Projects & Lab Reports ~ (60%)


o     60% ~ Tests, Projects, & Lab Reports
o     20% ~ Quizzes
o     20% ~ Homework & Classwork
Grading Policy


All chemistry tests will be given on Mondays &/or Wednesdays.
Test Days


The midterm / final will count as 20% of the semester grade.
Midterm / Final