~ Competency 5 ~

Competency 5: The Student will understand and appreciate the nature of evolutionary theory.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will demonstrate knowledge of the nature of evolutionary theory by:

  • Explaining the theory of evolution of life on Earth favored by modern scientists.
  • Describing and explaining Darwin’s basic concept of natural selection and how it relates to the theory of evolution.
  • Listing and explaining the several categories of evidence that support the theory of evolution.
  • Describing how scientists group living organisms into hierarchical groups based on their shared characteristics, and name and characterize the major systematic taxa.


Ancillary Textbook

OpenStax Biology Textbook ~ Ch. 18

OpenStax Biology Textbook ~ Ch. 19

OpenStax Biology Textbook ~ Ch. 20



 Reading 4.0A ~ Henrietta Lacks ~ Article

  Reading 4.0B ~ Henrietta Lacks ~ Biography


Reading 4.1 ~ Ancient Remedies

Reading 4.2 ~ DNA Future

Reading 4.3 ~ Stem Cells

Reading 4.4 ~ Nose


Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes ~ Ch. 13 (How Populations Evolve)

Lecture Notes ~ Ch. 14 (How Biological Diversity Evolves)


Worksheets ~ Active Reading

Active Reading Worksheets ~ Ch. 13 (How Populations Evolve)

Active Reading Worksheets ~ Ch. 14 (How Biological Diversity Evolves)


Video Clips