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• FAQ ~ Attendance

This page will answer questions commonly asked by students and parents regarding the Attendance Policy for the 2014-2015 School Year.

  2. In Case of Absence
  3. ABSENCES ~ Class Cuts (Skipping)
  4. ABSENCES ~ Unexcused
  5. ABSENCES ~ Total Excused or Unexcused





Parent must excuse an absence/ tardy via a phone call or note within 2 school days following the absence/tardy or it will be considered unexcused. A reason for such absence/tardy must align with one of the eight School Board allowed reasons as stated in the Student Code of Conduct.

According to School Board Policy 5.5, a student may be establishing a pattern of non-attendance when he or she has an accumulation of tardiness, early sign-outs, and/or absences (excused and unexcused) that exceed 5 days in one marking period or 10 days is 2 marking periods.

If your child has over 5 total (excused or unexcused) absence, accumulation of tardiness, and/or early signouts in one marking period and is exhibiting a possible pattern of non-attendance, you will be asked to provide proper documentation to excuse any subsequent attendance incidents. Such documentation may include a Broward County Verification of Absence form with a release of medical information for the physician treating the student.

Please note that unless excused under the provisions of the School Baord Attendance Policy 5.5, accumulated tardiness will be recoded as unexcused absences.

Fifteen (15) unexcused absence within a 90 day calendar = Driver's license suspended or permit not issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Code of Conduct limits when work can be made up for full credit and grades to excused absences only; work cannot be made up for credit for unexcused absences.
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In Case of Absence

It is your responsibility to find out what assignments you have missed and makeup the work if your are absent for any reason, INCLUDING field trips and sporting events. Do NOT delay !! Extras photocopies are kept in a bin on the side of the classroom. Please get notes from a fellow classmate. PLEASE check THIS website &/or the CBHS Physics website for postings of assignments, due dates, etc.

PLEASE check the website !!!
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ABSENCES ~ Class Cuts (Skipping)

Parents will be contacted and the student will receive a referral to Administration.
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ABSENCES ~ Unexcused

o 1st through 4th ~ Parent contact. Make-up work may be assigned but will NOT count for credit.

o 5th ~ Parent contact notifying the parent that the next unexcused absence will will referred to Administration for a pattern of non-attendance.

o 6th ~ Referral to Administraiton for pattern of non-attendance.
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ABSENCES ~ Total Excused or Unexcused

Parents will be contacted and the students will be referred to Administration with 6 or more total absences (excuse or unexcused) for a pattern of non-attendance.
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