Honors Biology




Reminder texts for my Honors Biology classes

Bring Your Own Device ~ Directions

Biology 1 Honors is designed to familiarized the student with the major concepts in the study of life and will be taught in five major domains:


  • cells (components & functions)
  • organisms (matter, energy, and organization in living systems)
  • genetics (molecular basis of heredity)
  • ecology (interdependence of organisms)
  • evolution (biological). 

Students will be required to take a comprehensive, state-mandated End-of-Course Exam (EOC) at the end of the semester. This assessment will comprise a percentage of the student's final grade.

Course Goals / Objectives

  1. To identify basic biological concepts as they relate to the structure, function, and change within living organisms.
  2. To relate basic biological concepts as they apply to everyday living and the environment.
  3. To identify and relate specified earth science concepts to biological concepts.
  4. To refine laboratory, cooperative skills and problem-solving techniques using The Scientific Method.
  5. To develop a scientific understanding and curiosity about environmental interactions in order to develop an appropriate set of values about the world.
  6. To develop a sense of responsibility that leads to increased self-esteem, motivation, and cooperation, and a desire for knowledge.