* FAQ ~ Supply List


Supply List


The items listed below will be utilized throughout the school year. Depending on our consumption of the supplies, you may need refills at some point. NOTE: Please keep a colored pencils & glue in your backpack for use when needed.

  1         Package of Pencils & Erasers (Mechanical Pencils are fine)  
   4   Composition Notebook (for focus questions, note-taking, & assignments)  
  1   Plastic C-line plastic folder with prongs/holes (for daily use)  
  1   Scientific calculator (w/ square root, log, & exponent functions)  
  1   Packages of College Ruled Loose leaf paper (for assignments)  
  1   Package of graph paper  
  1   Colored Pencils  
  8   Glue Sticks  
      ~~~~~~~~ WISH LIST (for the classroom) ~~~~~~~  
      Paper Towels  
      Antibacterial Wipes (Clorox or Lysol)  
      Expo Board Markers  
      Glue Sticks  
      Graph Paper  
      College Ruled paper  
      Printer Cartridges for a HP Deskjet F100