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Reminder texts for my Honors Physics classes


Ask most people what they know about physics, and you'll probably get an answer like, "it's hard with lots of math."  That answer, although it has some truth to it, misses the big picture.  Physics is the science that uses observation and reasoning to explain why things happen int he real world and how to predict what will happen next. 

For the first semester we will be studying “mechanics”, which explains how and why things move. Mechanics explains why a quarterback who throws a tight spiral has better accuracy than a QB who can’t. It explains why the top rung of a ladder has a warning sticker not to sit or stand there. Mechanics is how your insurance company knows that you were going at least 90 mph when your car hit that tree, even though nobody was there to see it but you and you swear you were only doing 45.

In this course we will be emphasizing how use reason and similarities to make tough problems simpler before we even do any math. I don’t expect you to memorize a load of equations, but I will require you to use your noddle/noggin.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • You will be able to develop a simple model that can be used to explain a complex situation.

  • You will be able to formulate an approach to solving real-world problems.

  • You will be able to define vocabulary used in mechanics.

  • You will be able to employ the physics of mechanics to solve real-world physics problems.