* Pre-Algebra

Reminder texts for my Pre-Algebra classes

Pre-Algebra focuses on developing fluency with rational numbers and proportional relationships.  Students will extend their elementary skills and begin to learn algebra concepts that serves as a transition into formal Algebra and Geometry.

Students will learn to think flexibly about relationships among fractions, decimals, and percents.  Students will learn  to recognize and generate equivalent expressions and solve single-variable equations and inequalities.  Students will  investigate and explore mathematical ideas and develop multiple strategies for analyzing complex situations.  Students will analyze situations verbally, numerically, graphically, and symbolically.  Students will apply mathematical skills and make meaningful connections to their life experiences.

  • Write and evaluate variable expressions.
  • Use the order of operations.
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide integers.
  • Write rules for patterns.
  • Graph points in the coordinate plane.
  • Identify and use properties of addition and multiplication and the Distributive Property.
  • Simplify expressions.
  • Solve one-step equations and inequalities.
  • Round decimals.
  • Find mean, median and mode of a set of data.
  • Substitute into formulas.
  • Convert metric and customary units.
  • Use divisibility tests.
  • Find the prime factorization of a number.
  • Find the greatest common factor and least common multiple.
  • Write fractions in simplest form.
  • Simplify expressions with integer exponents.
  • Write and evaluate numbers in scientific notation.
  • Write fractions as decimals and write terminating and repeating decimals as fractions.
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers.
  • Solve proportions.
  • Find probability and odds.
  • Write percents as fractions and decimals and write decimals and fractions as percents.
  • Find a part of a whole, a percent and a whole amount.











End of the Year ~ Quadrilaterals, Pythagorean Theorem &
Solving Equations

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