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Scientists are just getting to know the black holes that help anchor our cosmos


Curiosity instrument confirms expectation of major exposures


Teen researchers study copper's germ-killing prowess


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Watch episodes of NOVA online, like the amazing three hour, Brian 
Greene hosted, "The Elegant Universe".
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Want to know how something works, check this one out.
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This is a free online encyclopedia that you can check out for 
information on just about anything.


Track where the shuttle, the Hubble Telescope, and a bunch of 
other satellites are in orbit.
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Set your watch by the US Navy Observatory's Atomic clock.
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Just when you thought you'd heard the worst possible singers on 
American Idol ....
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NASA has defined a set of space and Earth Science questions that 
can best be addressed using the Agency’s unique capabilities.  
NASA works with the broader scientific community, considers 
national initiatives, and the results of decade-long surveys by 
the National Research Council in defining these questions.
NASA's BIG Questions