BONUS ~ Test Review Assignement

The "test review assignment" is a bonus assignment that is due on the test day of each unit. The students can earn up to 5% bonus in the test category for each of these assignments. (ie. a student could theoretically receive a 105% on a test if they completed the test review assignment).

The "test review assignment" is to be completed in the student's composition notebook (NOT on loose leaf paper).

The assignment consists of three sections:

  1. Vocabulary & Definitions ~ The student needs to copy all of the vocabulary for the chapter(s) and define each of the terms.

  2. Equations ~ The student needs to copy all of the equations from the chapter(s). These are usually found in blue or brown boxes within the chapter(s).

  3. Sample Problems ~ The student needs to copy all of the sample problems from the chapter(s). This INCLUDES:
    • the question
    • the text explanation of how to do the problem
    • the work to solve the problem
    • the calculator solution
    • tips, figures/ diagrams, etc.