Sept 12-23 Newsletter

Mrs. Salamon’s 2nd Grade

September 12- 23, 2011

Language Arts

*identified  adjectives as describing words and hunted for them in our books


*word wall words of the week:  name, line, joke, clock, black, thing, truck

(we use word wall words to indentify other words they can help us spell, using their spell pattern)


*discovered verbs by playing verb charades


*identified adjectives as describing words and used mystery items & our senses to come up with a giant list of adjectives


*reviewed shortcuts for addition facts


*explored doubles facts (2+2, 5+5, etc)


*learned the +9 trick (think +10 but one less) on our number grid


*used white boards along with the smart board


*focused on words in number stories that help us figure out the operation (+ or -)

addition: all together, in all,

subtraction: less, how much more, difference


* identified a paragraph as a group of sentences about one topic


*began writing a paragraph about ourselves


*continue to work on capital letter starts and ending punctuation



*set up our worm compositing bin


*observed our decomposing food





*Thank you all for the lovely birthday celebration. I feel so loved!


*Picture Day is coming up:  October 21!


*When choosing between the red and blue list for spelling words, please know that the red list words are second grade appropriate and exactly what they need to be studying.  The blue list words are a slight challenge.  Please see the pretest, taken on Monday, photocopied and sent home that day, to help your child choose the best list for them, that week.

*Scholastic Book Orders can be placed online, due by Sept 27