Newsletter November

Words from Mrs. Salamon

November 2011

Language Arts

*manipulated the letters in the word “November” to create smaller words


*began making connections while reading, using post-it notes to mark the spot and jot down our text-to-self connections


*made personal connections in the book Ira Sleeps Over & Koula Lou (in library)


*word wall words of the week: really, slow, float, chicken, how,  inch, rain, again,  play, mail, made


*reviewed all phonics rules learned so far!


*used place value to help us add two, two-digit number using partial sums


*then learned carrying (tip: circle the number carried to help remember to add it!)


*learned two-digit subtraction with and without borrowing.

Hint: More on top, don’t stop! More on the floor, go next door and borrow ten more”


*used what we learned to help us solved two-digit number stories


*played two digit number concentration


*created a “letter lady” and sang “The letter song” to help us learn the 5 parts of a letter: heading, greeting, body, closing, signature


*wrote thank you notes (letters) to  Katy Kelly, the author!



*explored liquids and used vocabulary: viscosity, opaque, transparent, translucent


Social Studies

*enjoyed Homeless Walk!


*explored the map, map properties, and labeled a map with Native American tribe locations


*Thanksgiving Family Turkeys are due Friday


*Please sign & return your report card envelope once you have a chance to review the contents.


*Please return the yellow form indicating if you will be here the Wednesday before Thanksgiving & if you will be eating pizza or not.


*Scholastic Book Orders due Wednesday, November 23:

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Class Activation Code: H2CQJ (if not previously registered)