Jan 9-13

Mrs. Salamon’s stuff

January 9-13, 2012

Reading and Writing

*heard a read aloud of Martin’s Big Words by Doreen Rappaport

and identified character traits of MLK


*discussed and illustrated our hopes and dreams for the world (new bulletin board, coming soon!)


*continued assessing reading levels/DIBELS


*did a Making Words activity with “SNOWMAN”


*identified suffixes as short word endings that change the meaning of a base word (-ly, -ful, -ed, -ing, -ness, -less, -able)


*reviewed money, identified coins & the values, and practicing adding them


*made change to $1.00 by counting up, using the “money rainbow” to add on coins, and used subtraction with borrowing!


*played “Making Change” game with partners


*reviewed place value up to the ten thousand’s place


*played  a place value game in which we tried to make the biggest number with random cards

Social Studies & Science

*explored time lines


*created a time line and answered questions about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


*Watched Our Friend, Martin and discussed what we saw


*expanded our weather unit to include the water cycle


*learned the water cycle and weather song




*word wall words: because, city, could, why


*Scholastic book orders are due Tuesday, January 17.


*No school Monday, January 16, in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

*Half Day Friday, January 20.

*Please return permission slips & $10 for our January 27th field trip!

*Parent Teacher Conferences Friday, February 3.