Jan 17-19 & 23-27

Mrs. Salamon’s Stuff

January 17-19 & 23-27, 2012

Reading and Writing

*played R-controlled vowel Bingo

*reviewed suffixes & sang “I’m a little suffix”

*introduced fact (something that can be proven) & opinions (feelings or thoughts)

*began our mini-unit on Fables by reading: The Hare and the Tortoise, The Rooster and the Fox,  & The Fox and the Crane

*started filling in our Fables Chart to compare and track!


*began our measurement unit!

*reviewed measuring using a ruler by going to the "0" (not always the edge of the ruler)

*used pasta, blocks, and paperclips as non-standard units of measurement

*compared inches and centimeters by using Hershey’s bar chunks & M&M’s to see the size differences

*Enjoyed read alouds of How Long or How Wide  & How Much is a Foot?

*measured with rulers and tape measures

Social Studies & Science

*enjoyed our fieldtrip to the National Air & Space Museum to see The Wright Brother’s Puppet Show!

*visited Thailand in our World Family Presentation!

*wrote “Water Droplet Stories” telling of the journeys a drop of water can take through the water cycle

*created dragon masks for the Chinese New Year



*Please refer to the note sent home as to which food item to bring 100 of, for our 100th day trail mix!

*January Reading Logs due Wednesday, Feb 1!

*Parent Teacher Conferences are Friday, February 3.

*Professional Development Day Monday, February 6 – No school for students.

*We welcome Ms. Jessica Rogers as our Student Teacher from American University! She will be with us until April 20!