March 26-30

Mrs. Salamon’s Stuff

March 26-30, 2012

Reading and Writing

*read the book Silent Letters Loud and Clear to learn about why silent letters are important


*read more versions of Cinderella from around the world including Africa, the Caribbean, and China


*compared Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters and Cendrillon with a Venn Diagram


*wrote an opinion piece about which Cinderella version we liked best and why


*did a “making word” activity with the letters in “leprechaun”


*practiced our silent letter spelling words with up to 9 various activities in Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe!


*reviewed the names and values of coins


*practiced using different coins to make the same values


*played “Coin Top-It” with a partner where we practiced determining which coin amounts were greater


*played “Spinning for Money” where we practiced exchanging smaller coins for larger coins and dollar bills


*learned how to round with a fun rounding chant!


*practiced rounding/estimating with “Shopping” and an “Up or Down?” rounding game

Social Studies

*reviewed how to use a compass rose and the directions North, South, East, and West


*introduced map keys and why and how we use them


*made our own maps and map keys to locate our Cinderella stories around the world



*continued to learn about weather and how it affects the world around us


*worked in teams to write a weather prediction


*videotaped our weather forecasts


-Spring Break: April 2-9

-No school Monday, April 9 (Easter Monday)

-DC CAS April 17-19 -- regular attendance is strongly encouraged. Please avoid tardies if possible.