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April 10-13

Mrs. Salamon’s Stuff

April 10 - 13, 2012

Reading and Writing

*learned how to use context clues to understand the meaning of words we don’t know


*read “Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal,” a retelling of Cinderella that incorporates many different cultural versions


*did a “making words” activity with the letters in “detective”


*practiced our –UST spelling words with up to 9 various activities in Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe!


*practiced adding coins and whole dollars


*played a part-part total shopping game where we practiced adding whole numbers of money


*learned how to write money amounts with decimal notation


*practiced adding money amounts with a calculator


*reviewed fractions for the CAS next week with an activity using our own names

Social Studies

*reviewed how to use a compass rose and the directions North, South, East, and West


*learned about map symbols


*practiced identifying map symbols on a map and creating our own map symbols



*began our habitat unit


*working to identify the five essential aspects of a given habitat starting with our own



-No school Monday, April 16, in observance of DC Emancipation Day.

-DC CAS is next week, April 17, 18, & 19.  We will begin promptly at 9:30 - please be on time!  If an absence is unavoidable, please call the office to notify us in addition to emailing me.

-Class Book Fair Visit: Wednesday May 2, 11-11:25

-Be on the lookout for a permission slip for our upcoming fieldtrip to the National Building Museum, Friday, May 18!


Get 2 Months for $5!