Aug 27- Sept 31, Newsletter

Some Thoughts from Mrs. Salamon

Aug 26 –30, 2013

Language Arts

*heard a read aloud of Martin's Big Words, by Doreen Rappaport, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of MLK's I have a Dream Speech and discussed our dreams for 2nd grade

*reviewed initial consonant sounds, using classmates names and introduced our Word Wall

*heard a read aloud of Goldie by Diane Stanley, to define what makes something "just right"

*reviewed how to find a  “Just Right Book” using the 5 finger rule

*picked 5 “Just Right Books” in our classroom library to keep in our Browsing Bags in our desks


*dissected cookie dough with toothpicks to find the chocolate chips, grouped and count by 2’s (Then ate baked cookies!)

*took Grade Two pretest assesment to show off what we learned in first grade, and figure out what we will learn in second grade

*made a “living” birthday graph using our bodies

*graphed birthdays on paper

*played addition bingo


*began our “All About Me” books for Back to School Night

*focused on using capital letters at the beginning of our sentences and periods (or other appropriate punctuation) at the end

*shared and complemented each other's writing

*created class rules


* discussed what it means to be a scientist

*created our Science Journals for the year

*wrote about animals we observed over the summer


*Welcome!  We are off to a great start!

*Special welcome to Johannes and his family! We're so glad you're a part of Key!

*please direct any emails to:

*no school, Monday, Sept 2 - Labor Day

*Please remove information from the “info” side of your child’s blue folder to help us stay organized

*Remember to check and sign your child’s Assignment Book nightly (Mon-Thurs)!  There is no homework on the weekends so Assignment Books do not go home on the weekends.