Curriculum Framework

We will have an exciting year in 2nd grade!  Students will participate in leveled Reading Groups, Writer's Workshop, Literacy Centers, Go Math & Otter Creek, Science hands-on classes, Handwriting with out Tears,  & Social Studies research including Junior Achievement!   We will be busy, for sure!



During Reading, model lessons will be used to demonstrate techniques like chunking words, finding a good stopping point, making connections and other important skills.  Students will use D.E.A.R. time (Drop Everything And Read) to practice alone and with a partner.  We will reflect & share on our findings.  During this independant and partner reading time, students will be able to hone their reading by practicing these skills on a daily basis.  We read "Just Right Books" at this time.   Just Right Books are essential & important to gain reading confidence.

Students will also meet two to three times a week in their Guided Reading Groups.  Guided Reading is a powerful tool that allows the teacher to differentiate instruction and provide practice at their level.  At this time we read books that are slightly above our level, called our "instructional level" while the teacher is there to help us.  This is appropriate for practicing new skills with assistance.  During Guided Reading we focus on, but are not limited to: Making Connections, Visualizing, Inferring, Questioning, Summarizing, & Establishing Fix-Up Strategies (repairing breakdowns in comprehension).  This is a time to practice understanding what we read, with deeper meaning.

Reading Common Core Standards for 2nd Grade can be found here

Phonics/Phonemic Awareness ("Spelling")

To gain a better understanding of letters, their sounds, and how they impact our reading & spelling, in 2nd grade we focus on a different sound every week.  We use Explode the Code for practice, as well as matching games and other hands on opportunities.  We focus on "spell patterns" (word families) & using words we know to spell/read unkown words.  We also focus on word skills like homophones, prefixes & suffixes,  plurals, etc.  The students understanding of these sounds & skills are then respectfully tested during our "spelling test" at the end of every week. 


During Writer's Workshop, students participate in model lessons where they learn the good skills of a good writer. During Writer's Workshop, students will firsthand see the connection between reading and writing.  We use this time to focus on grammar and sytax, as well as logical progression of a story.  Most often, students will select their own topics.  We will focus on non-fiction stories, personal narratives, friendly letters, & how-to pieces. We will meet two to three times a week and publish about two stories per genre.  We will use the Handwriting with out Tears paper.


During Math, model lessons will demonstrate the topics.  We will also use explorations, individually, in partners, and small groups, to provide hands-on opportunities for learning.  We always follow up with practice in our Everyday Math Journals or supplementary materials.  Students will gain "fact-power" through weekly focus on a specific addition addend and alternatively a subtraction subtrahend (for example, one week we focus on all  +1 facts working through +12, followed by -1 up through -8).  Later in the year we will move to Otter Creek, which takes our fact power to the next level with fun, timed daily quizzes.

Units of Study: 

  • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  • Number & Operations in Base 10
  • Measurement & Data
  • Geometry

Math Common Core Standards for 2nd Grade



Mr. Weatherald teaches science through fun experiences & the scientific method.    We will focus on recycling, weather, the water cycle, life cycles, and dinosaurs!


Social Studies

We will learn about our community by focusing on the people and businesses in it!  Junior Achievement will come visit and teach us in the spring, as well.  We plan on visiting the National Building Museum to construct our own community towards the end of the year.