I Can Spell

I Can Spell!

Here is a list of creative ways to practice your spelling words!  Have fun!

  • Take an oral practice test.
  • Take a written practice test.
  • Make up sentences using the words.
  • Use clay or play dough to make letters to spell your words.
  • Smooth out shave cream, sand, or flour to spell your words.
  • Write your words using rainbow spelling (a different crayon for every letter)
  • Put your words in alphabetical order.
  • Dribble a ball or jump rope while spelling your words.
  • Write your spelling words five times each.
  • Tape record yourself spelling your words.
  • Fingerspell your words to an adult
  • Write your words on someone’s back with your finger.
  • Write your words on a chalkboard or with sidewalk chalk.
  • Cut out letters from magazines or newspapers to spell your words.
  • Use magnet letters to spell your words.
  • Use pipe cleaners to make the letters you need to spell your words.
  • Use a typewriter or computer to type your spelling words.
  • Use alphabet cereal to spell each spelling word.
  • Write a story. Try to use all of the spelling words.
  • Use pieces of yarn to form each of the letters to spell your words.