Jan 7-18

Words from Mrs. Salamon

Jan 7-18, 2013

Language Arts

*introduced the parts of a letter with a song (to the tune of Farmer and the Dell)

*word wall words of the week: just, help, jump, junk, with

*cut apart a broken letter and pasted it in correct order

*heard a read aloud of Dear Mrs. LaRue and then wrote our own letters to Ike the dog, a character in the book


*reviewed coin values

*played Coin Top-it, to practice adding coin values

*played Coin Exhchange game to practice coin equivalencies

*played Pick a Coin to practice adding large values of coins and dollars

*practiced writing and reading dollar and cents notation (ex: $3.15 = three dollars and fifteen cents)


*played a Science game with states of matter on BBC.co.uk

*explored changing a liquid from a solid and back to the liquid by adding and removing heat

*took a quiz on the states of matter

*began our unit on Weather with a discussion on what we know about it


*We welcome Ms. Acosta, a student teacher from American University, to our classroom! She will be teaching and learning with us through April.

*No school on Monday, January 23 in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Inauguration Day!

*Scholastic Orders due Wednesday, January 23