Late Arrival/Early Dismissal

The school day begins at 8:45* and ends at 3:15.  The first and last parts of the day are bookends to successful performance.  These times are when important information is delivered and do activities that bond us as a class.  As is DCPS policy you must sign your child in or out, if arriving tardy or dismissed early, in the main office (or with Officer Suggs) before proceeding to the classroom.  If possible please send advance notice of early dismissal or late arrival.  In addition, if your child is to be dismissed to someone other than his or her normal caregiver please remember to send in a note to inform us of who will be picking up your child. 

*Our morning begins with Morning Meeting. If your child is tardy, they miss an important community moment in our class.

As a reminder, attendence & on-time arrival is essential for our 6 week benchmark tests (Paced Interimm Assessments): October 8 & 9, December 9 & 10, February 18 & 19,  June 10 & 11. The DC-CAS is tenatively scheduled for April 7-11. Please look for a note to come home with exact dates, in the event these listed dates change.