Newsletter Oct 21-25 & Oct 28-Nov 1

 Ms. Salamon's Students

Oct 21-25 & Oct 28-Nov 1, 2013

Language Arts

*began leveled reading groups with our peers

*word wall words of the week:  more, clock, made, make, crash, joke, tell

*practiced answering multiple choice questions in regards to non-fiction text

*played Word-Operations, wrote sentences, & went on a Word Hunt with our differentiated Word Sort words


*played Number Line Squeeze to identify place value

*began unit 2 of Go-Math

*used base-10 blocks to build numbers with place value up to the Hundred's Place

*Played a "Game Show" called "What's That Number?!" (a huge hit)

*discovered the need for the digit '0' as a placeholder when there are no tens or ones (ie: when there are 3 Hundreds, no tens, and 6 ones: 306 is the correct answer, not 36) 


*practiced capitalizing names of people, places and things

*introduced indentation using our thumbs as a space holder

*continue using the question in our answer to make complete sentences


*discussed polution and ways to combat it

*made a list of ways we can reduce waste

*saw a video of the BP oil leeak and came up with ways to "fix" it and the resulting problems


*We will return to the "normal" pick up and drop off procedures on the blacktop, outdoor recess, as well as lunch routine

*Please be sure to pack snack separate from lunch, as our lunchboxes will be stored in the cafeteria.  We play from 12-12:20, eat from 12:20-12:40, and play again from 12:40-1. 

*Picture day will be Tuesday, November 5.  Extra picture order forms are available in the office.

*Word Sort Words (Words Their Way curriculum) are not meant to be memorized, but rather a learned and internalized pattern.  The words are intentionally simple so the pattern can be seen (visualized) and understood.  More information, well written and provided by another school district, can be downloaded here.

*No school on Monday, November 11, in observance of Veteran's Day.