Reading Support

Reading Logs

Reading Logs begin in September! Students read for a given amount of time, and record the title and author of the book in their homework packet.  It is important that a parent or adult signs this page so the teacher can verify the information.  The goal is for students to develop a daily reading "habit" and practice skills learned in class.  While we hope every day is an ideal reading day we understand life can get busy!  Please be sure to ask for book suggestions if you feel your child needs them!


Questions to ask when reading:

If you child comes to a word they do not know: 

  • Think about the story. What would make sense?
  • Go back and reread.
  • Get your mouth ready for the first part.
  • Look at the picture.
  • Look for a part of the word you know (a smaller word within a word, a chunk)
  • Stretch it out/Sound it out*

*Try other strategies before asking your child to sound out a word.  As the text becomes harder, it will be increasingly difficult or impossible to "sound out" a word.


When your child is reading to work on decoding text:

  • Does that make sense?

              - Think about the story. What would make sense?

              - Look at the picture. Does what you said match the picture?

  • Does that look right?

            -Try rereading.

            -Look for a part of the word you know.

            -Skip and return. (Sometimes reading the rest of the sentence gives clues)

            - Dive into the word (Like inching out onto a diving board: cat- cater-  caterpill- caterpillar)


When your child is reading for comprehension & encouraging active reading/listening:

  • What happened in the sotry? Use your own words to tell me.
  • What did you think of the story? (expect to hear more than "I liked it")
  • Did anything in the story remind you of your life? of another book?
  • Make a prediction. What do you think will happen next?
  • Imagine you are [character from the book]. Tell me why you [did something from the story].