Sept 10-21, Newsletter

A Summary from Mrs. Salamon

Sept 10-21, 2012

Language Arts

*continued to review short vowels

*began reading centers!

*began DIBELS assessments!

*reviewed long vowel sounds using the "bossy e" 

*introduced our first word sort words (using bossy e)

*played Word Operations  by changing 1 letter of a word to make a new word

*played Word Hunt to find words with the bossy E rule


*created a graphing question and surveyed the class to get data

*used that data to create our unique graphs

*explored pictographs

*explored math boxes in our math journal as a method for continually daily practice

*created a GIANT number grid, from 1 to 1,000!

*played with number grid puzzles




*created “heart maps” to go in our writing binders, for days when we need inspiration

*focused on nonfiction text features

*added a Table of Contents and a Diagram of ourselves to our All About Me books


*watched a "Bill Nye the Science Guy" video to learn more about plants

*discussed what “biodegradable” means and planted different items in dirt to see if they would degrade over time


*Homelinks are daily practice sheets that come home after that day’s math lesson, and are due the day immediately following.  They are not included in the packet, as the instruction needs to be given before the homework comes home.  Also it is hard to gauge exactly which lessons are covered on that given day.

*Important papers from me are sent home on light yellow copy paper.

*I will be out on Wednesday, Sept 26, in observance of Yom Kippur