Sept 16-20 & 23-27

Mrs. Salamon's Class

September 16-20 & 23-27, 2013

Language Arts

*focused on the silent/bossy E with long vowel words (our class-wide word sort focus)

*made predictions  in nonfiction text from the cover of a book, title,  chapter titles and headings

*word wall words of the week:  have, joke, line, here, done (an oddball!)

*went on a scavenger hunt in our books for non-fiction text features

*played a spinner-game with nonfiction text features

*found "just right books" in our class library, which we keep in our Browsing Bags in our desk


*Identified place value in three and four digit nubers

*put together number grid puzzles!

*played "who's bigger" a four-digit <, >, = game

*created different ways to write numbers with tens & ones, expanded notation, quick drawings of base-10 blocks, and with words! 

*reviewed counting by 5's and 10's and practiced using three digit numbers

DID YOU KNOW?  There is a Challenge Folder in the back of the classroom, to keep eager minds occupied when they are finished with the given task?


*continued to focus on Capital Letter Starts and ending punctuation, in sentences.

*proofread our All About Me books, to search for missing capital letters and ending punctuation

*learned how bubble maps can help us organize our thoughts


*fed our mealworms who work in the compost bin

*continued to check-in and document the progress of the decomposing food

*learnd the 3 R's: reuse, reduce, and recycle!


*Thank you kindly for the sweet birthday celebration and gift! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!! :) 

*My conference schedule will be emailed in the middle of the week. I am consulting teachers of siblings to arrange corresponding times before releasing the draft.

*The first PIA (Paced Interim Assessment) will be October 8& 9!

*The Desk Fairy visted our class for the second time, this week!

*Please return Permission Slips +$4 for the National Arboredum Field Trip, October 4th!