Testing & Grading

Standardized Testing

This year second grade joins the ranks of the standardised testing grades!  While we are just as nervous as the kiddos, we will do our best to make it as pain free and fun as possible. 

The Paced Interim Assessments (PIA) will take place very six weeks as benchmark evaluations.  The 6 week benchmark tests (Paced Interim Assessments) will take place October 8 & 9, December 9 & 10, February 18 & 19, and June 10 & 11. The DC-CAS is tentatively scheduled for three days over the week of April 7-11. Please look for a note to come home with exact dates, in the event these listed dates change.  On-time arrival and attendance are highly encouraged on those dates.


In-Class Evaluations

Classroom evaluations are constantly occuring and ongoing.  Some are informal observations, such as identifying coins, letter sounds, & writing.  Other opportunities to "show off what we know" occur on a scheduled and regular basis. 

Our spelling words ("word sort words") are assigned at the beginning of a week and the test occurs at the end of a 2 week period.  We will also take weekly math quizzes on our addition and subtraction facts.  The details of which phonic skills & words, along with which particular math facts, are located in the weekly homework packet.  On weeks where we have Monday off, the packet goes home on Tuesday.  When we have Friday off, the packet is expected to be returned on Thursday & the quizzes will also take place then.

Individual work is graded on the following scale:

Check + : The student is independently secure with the skills and knowledge, requires minimal teacher intervention

Check: The student is developing the skills and knowledge, requires moderate teacher guidance and support

Check - The student is beginning to develop the skills and knowledge, requires a great deal of support


Returned Graded Work

All of the work your child does in school during the week, as well as their corrected homework, will be sent home daily. Please review this graded work together. This will help your child can feel good about their successes and learn from their mistakes.  This will help you, the parent, to get a better feel for the objectives that were covered, the progression in which it was taught and how your child performed overall. Every piece of work that comes home should have some indication that I have seen it, ie; comments, stickers, stamps, check marks, etc. If there is nothing from me on a piece of work, it means that I have not seen it and it should be returned to school as soon as possible.  Graded work can be emptied from the blue folder immediately after viewing (please help your child stay organized!).