Science - the knowledge attained through study and practice.

Parents and students please understand that homework in Science is only assigned when classwork is not completed each day or may be contingent upon the assignment of a project. 

Week of November 5th - 9th

*Science tutoring day is on Tuesday.* Because of voting there will be no tutoring on Tuesday this week.

5th Grade: General Science - an overview of of Earth and Life Science.

Mon. -ch.3, les.2/read essay:Hwk-complete all vocabulary and checkpoints

Tues. -(Notebook check today)Ch.3, les.3 read essays:Hwk-complete all vocabulary and checkpoints.

Wed. -reviw for quiz on Ch.3, les 2 and 3/read essays 

Thurs. Ch3 review for test/read essays:Hwk-Chapter 3 review P.84-85

Fri. - Test on Chapter 3

6th Grade: Earth Science - the study of the Earth.

Mon.- Ch.4, Les.2 classification of igneous Rock: Hwk - Section wrap up/skill builder p.96

Tues-ch.4 les 2 reviw and quiz

Wed.-(Notebook check today)Activity 4-1 - inclass experiement/activity

Thurs.Ch.4, les 3 Metamorphic Rocks: Hwk - Section wrap up/skill builder p.100

Fri. Ch. 4, Les 3 review and quiz

7th Grade: Life Science - the study of life from its beginning through the end.

Mon- ch.4 les.3: Hwk- Section wrap up/skill builder pg 109

Tues-Ch. 4 les.3 activity p.110/111

Wed- Ch. 4 les.3 review and quiz

Thurs-(Notebook check today)Ch.4 Les.4:Hwk - section wrap up/skillbuilder p.113

Fri-Chapter 4 review for test on Monday: Hwk - complete and study end of chapter review pgs.115-117

8th Grade: Physical Science - the study of matter and energy.  The students should continue collaborating their research ideas into one paper, as well as, continue with development of the computerized virtual city.   Groups are also encouraged to continue collecting recylced materials that will or could be used on their physical structure. In addition, each group should find time to discuss and work on this project out side of class. On Tuesday and Thursday there is a teacher here until 4:00 and the students are encouraged to stay and work together on those days as well. The target date of completion for the group essay is November 26th.

Mon -review and practice problems from formula packet:Hwk - do five problems from the packet.

Tues-review and practice problems from formla packet: Hwk - do five differenct problems from the packet.

Wed.- Quiz on formulas

Thurs - Ch. 4, les.2 - Projectile and circular motion: Hwk - vocabulary and section wrap up/skill builder p105

Fri-(Notebook check today) review les.1 and 2 for quiz on Monday and do activity on pgs.106 - 107.