Welcome to Mrs. Salvemini's LA Class

Welcome to 6th grade!




Let me introduce myself... My name is Mrs. Salvemini and this year I will be your  Language Arts teacher at

Independence Middle School. I am excited about starting school and am looking forward to a wonderful year.



Overview of Grading and Classroom Expectations


Grading Information: All assignments, test, quizzes, and projects will be given a percentile grade. The grading scale is as follows:


A   =   90-100                          B   =   80-89                            C   =   70-79

D   =   60-69                            F   =    59-0



Each students academic grade will be based on the following criteria:


All work including in-class worksheets,

assignments, projects, in-class reading;

computer work; and spelling quizzes .                60%


Reading Plus, Reading Counts, Homework         40%


Assignments: All assignments will be written on the board daily. Students are required to write them down in the IMS Student Agenda.

In addition, homework, quizzes, tests, writing and project assignments will be listed on Edline. All work is expected to be turned in on time.

When absent, students are responsible for making up their missed work in a timely fashion.


Homework: Students will select a book of their choice each month in the IMS library. Students are then are required to read that book and take a

Reading Counts Quiz at the end of the month. Students will also have reading plus assignments that are due by Sunday night at midnight.

Please call Reading Plus if there are any technical issues (800-READ-PLUS: 800-732-3758).

Students can also use our school computers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings to complete the weekly homework assignments.



Class Rules & Behavior Expectations: Rules are part of everyday life, and they are a part of school life as well.

Students will  follow the SOAR rules that are published in the IMS planner 


*Each students will send in parent contact info via google forms. The link is on my edline page or on this classroom website under the important links tab! 




Mrs. Salvemini