About Me


I am your child's second grade teacher this year.  My name is Rebecca Sample.  I am a wife, mother, and grandmother as well as a teacher.  My husband and I will celebrate 42 years of marriage in September.  I have four children (two boys and two girls) who are all married and have given me seven grandchildren so far. My oldest grandson is 13 years old and the youngest was born in July of this year.  My only granddaughter is 12 years old.

Over the years my students have asked me if I have any pets.  I usually respond that I don't have pets because I have grandchildren.  Over the years we have had our fair share of cats, dogs, and rabbits.  As the children left they took their pets with them.  My house is now quiet and clean until the grandchildren come over.  It is then so busy a pet would have a heart attack.

I was a stay-at-home mom for several years until my youngest was in school.  I started working for Pasco County in Florida first in the public library system and then in Central Permitting.  I had always dreamed of being a teacher, so when my youngest was in high school, I went back to school to begin my career as a teacher.  I started teaching middle school and quickly realized I would enjoy teaching much better in the elementary setting.  I have taught Kindergarten, second, fourth, seventh, and eighth grades as well as at the college level.  I have my Masters in Teaching from Kaplan University and am also certified as a gifted teacher.  

I am sure we will have a great time learning this year.

Your teacher, 

Rebecca Sample

  Mr. and Mrs. Sample