Spelling List and Homework



During a testing week, our administration has requested no homework for your children with exception to the reading log.  Children are expected to read or be read to for at least 20 minutes every night.  The child is to respond to the reading by writing two or more sentences about the reading or a connection they have made with the reading.  A connection could be something similar they have read in another book, seen on TV, seen in a movie, or a similar experience they have had. 

Most weeks the children will also have Spiral Math, Spiral Language Arts, and spelling assignments.  They will be expected to complete at least 8 math problems, 5 Language Arts questions, and one spelling activity each night.  The spiral activities will be items that were previously taught either last year or recently taught this year as well as one or two items that are previews of lessons to come in the near future.  I will be looking for completion and effort.  Your job as a parent will be to monitor and gently aid your child.  Many parents in the past have had their child complete the work with little or no help, then check the ones they got right, and have the child redo any problems they did not get correct with a little more assistance the second time through.  Each child tackles homework differently.  Where many children get to work quickly so they are free to enjoy their evening, other children labor over just writing their name.  You know your child and their frustration level.  The homework will be assigned on Monday and due on Friday, but not past due until Monday.  This allows the children who labor over their homework the opportunity to have the weekend to complete what they could not complete during the week.  They only thing I would request is to make sure they are practicing their spelling words and reading each night.

When we have a unit test in one of the subject areas, I will send home a review sheet at least two nights before the test.