How Can Parents Help?

How can I help my child at home?

 Language Arts:  Reading at home every day with your child is important.  The act of oral reading by both the parent and child has many benefits.  Use short stories and poems if you have little time.  Instead of listening to the radio in the car; listen to books on CD.  Ask questions and make predictions as a family to enrich understanding and to stregthen comprehension.


 Mathematics:  Practice basic facts using flash cards, online games, etc.  At the store, have your child add to items in the cart using mental math.  Challenge your child to mentally add the all items in the cart and even calculate coupons.  Allow your child to tell the cashier their estimate before the total is given.  


Science: Keep a journal of the world around them.  Record observations in nature and make predictions based on their prior knowledge.  Gather data and challenge your child to show their data in different ways.


Physical Activity:  Adequate exercise works wonders for children.  Take a walk, go for a bike ride, and encourage your child to join a sport.  Physical exercise releases endorphins which makes for a happier child!


Community Involvement:  Take trips to the local library, join your local food bank, or a make a dinner for a family in need. This shows your child a sense of community and helps to make the world a better place.


Technology: Use the computer to enrich your child's education in all subject areas.  It is a great way to engage them. They love the computer, so make it an educational game instead of a video game.  Ask me for websites.