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Questions to Ask

                Here are some questions to ask your child that will - hopefully - spark some great thinking!


What are the 5 carpet rules? (sit like a pretzel, ears listening, eyes on the person who is talking, hands in lap, voice away)

Tell me about your morning routine (hang up belongings, put folder in mailbox, make lunch choice, morning work, meet at carpet) 

Why is it important to listen?

What can you do when you are done with your work?  (puzzles or books) 

Do the ABC movements 
What does rhyming mean?   Tell me two words that rhyme?

Sing the color songs.

Tell me about the behavior clip chart

Sing the classroom RULES song

How can you be safe in school?

How can you be kind in school?

How can you be responsible in school?

What is patience?  How can you be patient in the classroom?  Tell me about the book The Very Impatient Caterpillar.

What is interrupting?

Find 3 things at home - clap out the syllables for each word

Make a text to self connection in a book you have at home

What are the 4 parts of a tree (roots, trunk, branches, leaves) - show the movements

sing the vowel song - what letters are vowels?

Say the rhymes for the numbers 1,2,3,4,5

What are the two different types of trees we talked about (broad leaf and conifer)

Say the rhymes for the numbers 6,7,8,9 and 10

What is science?

What is a scientist?

Find 3 things in your home.  Can you say the word really slow like a turtle - What letter does the word begin with?

When your family reads you a story - make a text to self connection

Tell me about your weather observation book

Tell me about the past/present/future

What does an author do?

What does an illustrator do?

Show me the title on the cover.

How do you turtle talk. Turtle talk and write one word for me.

Tell me something that happened to you in the past?

Tell me about something you like to do in the present.

What is something that will happen to you in the future?

What is the difference between a letter and word?

Find a letter in a book.

Find a word in a book.

Name 3 types of punctuation ( .  !  ?  )

What are the 4 important items on your Writer's Checklist you need to remember when writing a sentence?

(begin with uppercase, use all lowercase, punctuation and spaces)

What does it mean when there is a SURPRISE ENDING at the end of a pattern book? (the pattern changes)

What is a human characteristic (things made by humans - houses, toys, etc.)

What is a natural characteristic (things from nature - rain, dirt, etc.)

What is a map ?

What is the difference between human and natural characteristics? (human- made by humans  natural- from nature)

What is a birds eye view?






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