Words of the Day


~ January 2011 ~

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10 Abstract (adj) – theoretical; not easily understood He has abstract ideas about what to do, but no specific thoughts.11 Bolster (v) – to support, strengthen, or improve By going to graduate school at night, the young manager bolstered her reputation.12 Concede (v) – to admit; yield; give in The person who caused the accident finally conceded to the police that he had done it.13 Disseminate (v) – to distribute; hand out The newspapers disseminate information to the public.14 Exhilarate (v) – to invigorate; make cheerful The cold autumn air exhilarates me.
17   Holiday18 Futile (adj) – having no useful result  He made a second and futile attempt to pass the examination.19 Grievous (adj) – causing grief or sorrow; distressing The death of her brother was a grievous loss.20 Haphazard (adj) – random; dependant on mere chance He works in such a haphazard way that no one can figure out what he has done.21 Ingenious (adj) – clever; very good at making things or solving problems The campers thought of an ingenious way to cross the river without a bridge.
24 Jaunty (adj) – light hearted; carefree The well-dressed man gave a jaunty laugh.25 Kinetic (adj) – producing motion  Kinetic art is made of parts that move, such as motors and lights.26 Latent (adj) – present, but undeveloped; dormant The boy has latent athletic ability; it needs to be developed more.27 Monotony (n) – sameness leading to boredom Sarah enjoys going to the movies; it takes her away from the monotony of daily life.28 Deprecate (v) – to belittle; to express disproval of She doesn't like to hear her parents deprecate her husband.
31 Novice (n) – a beginner; apprentice Chuck was a novice in politics and did not have a lot of votes.Notes: