February Words of the Day

~ February 2011 ~ 
 1 Obsolete (adj) – no longer useful; outdated Vinyl records will soon be obsolete, now that compact discs are popular. 2 Predecessor (n) – the former holder of a given job or position My predecessor left to start her own company. 3 Quash (v) – to suppress forcibly; to nullify The judge quashed the accusation of murder because there was nothing to prove that Mr. Smith had killed Mr. Kim.4 Retract (v) – to draw in or take back The turtle retracted its head into its shell.5  
7 Susceptible (adj) – easily influenced or affected by People with weak immune systems can be very susceptible to illnesses.  8 Turbulence (n) – a state of violent agitation; violent movement Our airplane went through heavy turbulence in a thunderstorm.9 Unwittingly (adv) – unintentionally;  accidentally A shopper unwittingly walked into a grocery store while a robbery was taking place. 10 Vanity (n) – excessive pride; conceit His vanity about his appearance is ridiculous; he is always looking at himself in the mirror.11 Wane (v) – to gradually decrease in size or intensity Each month the moon waxes and wanes.12  
14 Yoke (v) – to connect; join, or band together The farmer yoked oxen to a plow.15 Zest (n) – hearty enjoyment She has a zest for life.16 Aberration (n) – something different from what is normal or usual The fact that he is late for our meeting is an aberration; he's normally on time.17 Broach (v) – to bring up in conversation; mention My manager broached the subject of when I planned to retire.18 Conciliatory (adj) – soothing; reconciling After arguing with her, he made conciliatory remarks about how much he loves her.19  
21   Holiday22 Deride (v) – to ridicule; mock; make fun of That newspaper columnist derides the mayor whenever she can.23 Expedient (adj) – selfish in intent; done for one’s own gain The politician made an expedient decision to vote for the tax cut.24 Frenetic (adj) – very rushed; nervously excited; frenzied The activity backstage before the show was frenetic.  25 Garrulous (adj) – talkative; wordy The crowd grew garrulous before the speaker arrived.26  
28 Hierarchy (n) –organization from higher to lower by rank, social status, or function Generals and admirals are at the top of the military hierarchy.Notes: