William Shakespeare web quest

William Shakespeare Webquest

Write or type your answers on your own paper. Work individually.


This assignment was designed to provide you with an overview of William Shakespeare and Elizabethan England.

About Shakespeare
Click on this link and answer the following questions (1-7).

  1. Click on the link to Birth 1564 & Early Years. William Shakespeare was born in what year?
  2. What date do we recognize as his birthday?
  3. What was important about Stratford-upon-Avon in the 16th century?
  4. Click on the link for 1594 and find the acting companies Shakespeare was associated with in the early days. Name one.
  5. Click on 1599 The Great Globe. What is the probable year that Romeo and Juliet was written?
  6. Scroll down to the section "Construction of the Globe," and answer these questions:
    1. Where did the timbers to build the Globe come from?
    2. Who was the carpenter who built the Globe?
    3. What was Shakespeare's share as "householder?"
  7. What day and year did Shakespeare die? Why is this an interesting date? How old was Shakespeare when he died?

About Theatre in Shakespeare's Time
"Actors, Acting, & Audience"
"is the link for the next questions (8-11).

8. How many women actors did the company usually feature?

9. Was Shakespeare an actor? What was the term used to refer to actors?

10. How were the seating arrangements for the audience? How did one get a good seat?

11. What would the audience do if they did not like a performance?

 Shakespearean Insults

12.   Go to the Shakespearean Insult Kit and create your own insult. How you do it is to start with the word "Thou." Next, take a phrase/word from the first column to begin your insult, continue by adding something from the second column, and finish it up royally with something from the third column. Write your own personal Shakespearean insult [[Thou + choice from column 1 + choice from column 2 + choice from column 3 = your custom made insult].


Click on this link to be insulted "professionally." Write down your professional insult.